Xbox froze while updating


You could try renaming it (which compresses it), but so far I haven't heard where this has been successful either.

What actually triggers the corruption is, to the best of my knowledge, still a mystery.

The way to ensure that is to make a habit of doing a backup copy using the main Xbox dashboard copy feature every time you want to start playing (i.e BEFORE you try launching the game itself). It may just be that the updates are getting rather large; and it seems to me that downloading anything more than a meg or so through Xbox Live lately has become a real chore.

While downloading the last Minecraft update, I was kicked out of Xbox Live no less than 4 times.

Problem was just that I immediatelly realized that I did not end up in my world as I knew it.

So I quit the game without saving and restarted the console.

I am hoping these worlds aren't completely lost forever.You can use the Xbox main dashboard - "Settings" - "System" - "Storage" - (select device that the game save is already on) - "Games and Apps" - "Minecraft" - (select the gamesave, but be sure that you are signed in with the same profile as the one indicated below the file size on the right) - "Copy" - (select device you want to copy to, e.g. Unfortunately, this action probably won't make the file usable again by the game.I don't know of any way that people have successfully recovered a file once this has happened to it.My son and I are gutted and I hope someone can help. If there is a more appropriate place to post this, please let me know, thank you.You do not have to be in a world to copy it to another destination.The only way to protect your files is to ensure that they are backed up (i.e.

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