Who is bridget regan dating


Craig had gone to St Peters Lutheran College in Indooroopilly in Australia.After completing his graduation, he went on to chase acting further.In adding to his performances, Horner's other artistic talents take account of playing the guitar and composing the lyrics for the music.Horner was once a part of the band named earth for now called in 2011 who had participated their first program in Hollywood in California with the grand starting of the set with the song, howl at the moon.While growing up in California she knew that acting was what she wanted to pursue her career in.During her high school, she also attended a summer acting conservatory, where a teacher of hers convinced her to train under Gerald Freeman.

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Now he has got married to a wife who is his girlfriend which shows he had utmost faith and love for her girlfriend, Regan.Since then, Bridget has gone on to even more high profile roles on TV series such as "Beauty and the Beast," "White Collar," and Marvel's "Agent Carter" based off the popular Captain America films. He is an Australian actor and a great musician who had appeared for the first time in the Australian TV program named Cyber girl.His recent activities and his updates are found in the different sites of his official and personal pages such as wiki, facebook, etc.Bridget Regan was born on 3 February 1982 in San Diego County, California, U. She was raised in an Irish-American and Catholic family.Though it is often said that these affairs and his marital issues about the relation between Craig and Regan are rumors only.

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