When does harry and ginny start dating


The Potters have evoked full line protection privileges.

Weasley, a week later Harry was dating Miss Weasley.

Now get out of my sight."…---ooo000ooo---…Hermione was ensconced at her favorite table doing some last minute review prior to class the next day. Hermione couldn't decide if she pitied or envied her sister-wife.

This was the seventh night since Daphne had married them and the compulsion was still with her.

"There may be some stupid girls who suddenly think that since you're on this stupid list, you are suddenly interesting. Hey, she liked Seventh place, how do you think she'll like first? "Wow."…---ooo000ooo---…"Mother.""Hello boys, will you be staying for dinner?

""Fred and I have heard some disturbing rumors about Ron and Ginny.""Seriously bad rumors Mum.""I don't know what you're talking about.""Harry and Hermione have told people that they were with Ron and Ginny last year due to being dosed with a love potion." George said with an unreadable expression on his face."That's preposterous.""Word has gotten to us that Ron has done some terrible things to Hermione." Fred continued ignoring his mother's denial"Things Dad certainly wouldn't approve of.""What are you insinuating? Amelia Bones found out I was working on a special project for Dumbledore and terminated me.""What did that manipulative man have you doing?

If anyone else were telling this story, she would have dismissed it out of hand. It both amazed and amused him how the two women in his life would be so different, yet do so many of the same things. ""Professor Sprout needed some help with replanting a new nocturnal Clingvine. "Harry I need some advice.""What ever you need Nev, how can I help? " Harry giggled, uh chuckled in an extremely mature married head of house sort of way. Smooth I doubt Hermione was even aware of the list, and I doubt the Princess cared. ""I don't know, but I think you're going to find out.

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