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I doubt she didn’t tag her video, that would kind of defeat the purpose of her uploading it to begin with, especially if she means to do a YT return since she’s not getting many jobs lately.410050If she was using the clone tool, which I see some signs of, probably not.

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She was blocked for tweeting to Dakota how surprised she was about how different she looked in her appearance on Ariyoshi Hanseikai compared to her photos.Shortly afterward she was viciously attacked on Twitter by a mysterious account, totally unaffiliated with the Ostrengas.Update on Keira Ashley: She got a gig modeling for Tommy Hilfiger, and she’s walking for Amazon’s Tokyo Fashion Walk. All since getting blocked by Dakota for a harmless observation. (Unless someone else knows what I'm talking about and wouldn't mind posting it.) She and Kiki are so fucking delusional thinking that this no-makeup shit that they're doing looks even remotely good.If anons are interested, I can point out a few things she's doing in her recent video to make her face look completely different.First off, it's filmed very close up with a short focal length lens (i'm going to say very short, like 16mm.I can't believe anyone would look at these two videos and think this is the same person.408680Here are a few examples of her fingers/fingernails melting into her skin because of the face smoothing filter.

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