The dream who is he dating


His success in meeting his dream woman — and keeping her for the long term — actually lies in seeing a much larger picture.In more specific terms, every man should envision the kind of woman who can help him achieve (and share) his “dream” life…the life that he’s always imagined for himself.And, at worst, it often contributes to its failure.We don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out why!So get to work…as in right now…clarifying your personal “vision” of an exciting, happy, fulfilling life. The qualities that your “dream woman” must possess to share and help you achieve those dreams will become immediately obvious. Are you an outgoing world-traveler with dreams of sailing the world?

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Where he was once slow to open up, he now sometimes follows me around the house talking and talking as he works out an idea.

This means choosing a woman equipped with the qualities necessary to love and support him in achieving those dreams, no matter what they may be.

Which leads us directly to: STEP #2: DEFINE WHAT YOU WANT OUT OF LIFE This one’s as simple as it sounds…before you start living your dreams, first you need to know what they are.

When I was younger and dating, I had a vision of what my husband would be.

I wanted the smartest, most confident guy in the room.

Nail it down in no uncertain terms, because it ain’t rocket science — until you know yourself and what you want, there’s no way to find a woman who’ll love you in amazing, life-changing ways for who you are.

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