Still dating dad


So, these sermons are not just for us single people looking to find the person we wish to marry…these sermons are here to help cultivate the land God has given us (which I’ll explain in more detail later) and to help us know how great it is to wait on the Lord.

You might say, “Hannah, it’s not any fun at all waiting on the Lord.

I’m praying for God to move in our apartment and build/grow each of the relationships in our apartment, praying for my roomies and their walks with Daddy to be growing.

It’s so wonderful to be living with some of the best girls I know AND that they are both such Godly ladies.

We must start shoveling out some of our baggage and taking care of some things before we decide to tie the knot and bring someone else into the picture of your already crowded house of baggage. Think of it this way: Picture yourself walking down the aisle (and you haven’t taken care of any of your baggage yet) and you have a lot of financial debt, but your fiance has no idea about it.

We are not to be anxious about other people getting ahead because, in the end, will have life.

Also, I’ve been so so so busy with life, Jesus, work, finals, getting ready to move back in Milledgeville, and fellowship.

My mind is literally running in 1,237 ways all at once.

Louie puts it this way: While we are waiting on the Lord, we get to wait WITH the Lord.

I get You in the meantime while I’m waiting for your timing and for you to reveal something in my life.

It can be truly devastating to a child to go through a divorce and try to cope with their family life turns upside down.

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