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For Spokane and Sandpoint, the terminal would mean four more 100-car oil trains rumbling through town each day – on top of the two or three per day that currently make the trip.

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After the trains unloaded the oil, they would head north, crossing the Cascade Range at Stampede Pass before returning through Spokane with empty cars.Dagmar Schmidt Etkin, president of Environmental Research Consulting, declined to answer questions about the risk assessment.Calls to Main Line Management, which is working under Schmidt Etkin, were not returned.Krogh said he’s disappointed that former BNSF employees didn’t use their expertise to provide a more meaningful risk analysis.Instead of looking at national data, they could have addressed specific risks in the Northwest, he said.But since shipping crude oil by train is relatively new, there’s not enough statistical information about oil train accidents to do risk calculations, the consultants said several times in the risk assessment.

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