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Beneath these wonderfully real characters so well played by their actors are a bevy of other supporters that help give depth and dimension to “The 40-Year-Old Virgin.” Veteran actress Leslie Mann (“Best of Show”) gets good mileage out of her character, Nicky, the manager of the Smart Tech store, who offers Andy “friendly sex” until he finds his own woman. Gerry Bednob, as coworker Mooj, gets his share of vulgar jokes as he derides Andy and his friends for excluding him from their mating games.Elizabeth Banks is amusing as Beth, a bookstore clerk that Andy hits on but is saved by his friends before they do the two-backed mambo.But Andy thinks he's content with his life, having given up on sex after a few disastrous encounters.He's ready to quit his job once the whole store knows about his condition, but a heartfelt conversation with David (Paul Rudd, "The Shape of Things," "Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy") convinces him to perhaps try anew.The bar scene is handled with laughs, especially when he picks up one drunk woman who offers to take him to her apartment for sex.The car ride is one for the books and, as absurd as it seems, smacks of nutty realism.Andy Stitzer is a recognizable human being buttressed by a posse of cluelessly over confident lotharios.

Andy’s dating trials and tribulations are nicely delivered with such scenes as the Speed Dating lunch hour where he meets a variety of eager women, including one who has problems keeping her ample breasts covered.That is, until Trish (Catherine Keener), a woman who sells other people’s stuff on e-bay, walks into his store to buy a VCR.She finds the virgin (unbeknownst to her) to be funny and charming and gives Andy her phone number.It is also a sweet movie that does not play the obvious litany of fart jokes and toilet humor.It does deal with various concepts like self-aggrandizing sex, infidelity, gay bashing, pot smoking, dirty language and the “fear of flying” but always in a funny, strangely honest way.When his extensive experience with online card playing makes him a winner, they relax a bit and the talk turns, of course, to sex.

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