Sony prs t1 updating

(found it on mediafire) downloaded it and couldn’t believe the updater-message saying “now connect your device using ‘data transfer mode'” .. and i found one and will now shamelessly copy the instructions (with some modifications): after these steps you are “back to normal” …

you now want to check all settings and maybe also root the device (again) using a custom firmware ..

With a rooted PRS-T1, there's a pretty easy way to enable partial refresh mode, which greatly reduces the black-to-white flicker that accompanies most E Ink screen transitions: just open up the browser, do a pinch-to-zoom motion a few times, and then tap the top of the screen before the E Ink display has caught up with the input.

Once you're in partial refresh mode, the screen resolution drops significantly, so it isn't ideal for standard book reading.

Mount the sdcard : mount -t vfat /dev/mmcblk0p1 /initrd/mnt/sd7.Now, restore the modified image : dd if=/initrd/mnt/sd/mmcblk2of=/dev/mmcblk213. i was installing some apps on my prs-t1 (which was rooted with a custom firmware) and moved them to the sd card when suddenly the device would not react anymore but showing a rotating loader icon …Use a hex editor (I have editpad pro) and replace all instances of with (there are 3 of them). Copy the file back into your sdcard, insert into the reader.11.Reboot the device back into recovery just to make sure that the reader has read the sdcard.12. There's a tutorial on a Russian site on how to make a disk image, reparation the internal storage and so on.

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