Single woman dating

When I split up with boys just before summer, I always give the same reason: ' I’m really sorry, I’m just too busy.I don’t have time to prioritise a boyfriend.' "Once, it didn’t go down well – he didn’t want to take no for an answer."I’m quite honest with potential boyfriends and always say I’m looking for something relatively serious for winter but not so much for summer."I split up with my ex in March because I enjoy having the summer free to do whatever I want.Autumn is for romance and doing things like watching fireworks together."I met my new man Greg in the pub during a girly night out at the end of this summer."During the summer, dating doesn’t really cross my mind.There’s too much stuff going on – going to pubs or having BBQs with friends.

"I make an effort to find a boyfriend for cosy nights in, whereas in the summer I just don’t care.

The hot weather, carefree attitude and drinking don’t make for a good time to be coupled up.

"This summer I went to India and Sri Lanka and spent most weekends drinking with friends, going out and letting my hair down. "It’s starting to get cold now so my non-single friends are staying in with their partners more.

I’m really looking forward to having him as my boyfriend this winter. "We just had our first weekend away together to London and we’re planning to have a small party with friends on New Year’s Eve, too.

"I’m hoping this relationship could actually last past the winter – I’m 30 next year and would like to settle down.

I even spent New Year’s Eve with him – you need to have someone to kiss at midnight.

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