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Next up is another vowel, usually followed by R/L or M/N.

Television sci-fi writers seem to be fond of using a particular formula: The name may start with any consonant followed by any vowel. The next letter will be either an R or an L (sometimes both) or either an M or N.

Where a female character in a sci-fi show would be called Marin, an elven female would be named Marianael.

Vowels are often doubled up to increase the exotic factor; usually A and U— Maara instead of boring old Mara. Bonus points if the name is some variant of Cruul/Kruul.) As a corollary, you can often tell a lot about a race just from the names of its members: the harshness of the species is often directly proportionate to the harshness of its language.

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on the net and you won't have a problem finding whatever you're after as it has tons of hot various categories. Perhaps it's just because they want something that sounds pleasing to their Anglophone audiences, or maybe they are unaware of how strange foreign names can sound even here on Earth, but in the end their countless alien species will have remarkably similar-sounding names, always adhering strictly to English phonology, or deviating from it in very minor ways. Gordon: Probably not Sci-fi and fantasy writers often find themselves with the challenge of creating dozens, if not hundreds, of exotic-sounding names for their characters and locations.Someplace like that will have a pleasant-sounding name like "Elasolia".In some cases, even the will appear harsher in the transcription that an author adopts for the language of a harsher culture: "Dhârkalen" sounds harsher than "Darcaln" despite being pronounced almost the same way. This would give us something like "Galdin" or "Gamar." If it's a woman's name, a "feminine" (to Western ears) ending such as -a or -ia will usually be added, eg.

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