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Public transportation, however, was encouraged by the government and the extensive train system remains from prior times.

There’s something classy and dignified about travelling by train.

Running for a bus on cobblestone, dressed well, in high heels somehow does not seem to faze a Slovak woman in the slightest.

On one’s property, it’s interesting to note that little more than one’s skimpy underwear is sometimes worn by both sexes when working out in the sun in Slovakia. When leaving the home, even if just to run a few quick errands, many people take care to dress up.

Slovaks tend to have a very different attitude about how to dress when going to town.

It seems to be the case whether going to work, going shopping, or going out on both romantic and friendly dates. How very impressed I continue to be to see the insistence that many Slovaks of all ages put into dressing up.

In such a scenario you might as well not have a care in the world, because you can’t help whether the train is on time or not.

Example 3 – Train Travel is Elegant and often Pleasant The communists did not plan for a car to be the birthright of every human being over the age of 18.

The tight traffic in Bratislava shows that the city was not ready for the current influx of cars.

1950’s March 30, 2012 Allan Stevo Many people consider the past to be both old and bad. Nor do I believe that time necessarily brings progress.

For example, there are times when a person can look back and say, “We took a turn back there and it might have been bad decision.” Though time may have passed, spending years going down the wrong road is not progress.

It seems this tradition of honoring Sundays is widely appreciated.

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