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This system has been popular as the high interest rate guaranteed the homeowner an income equivalent to monthly rent, without worrying about the delayed payments by the tenants, who were happy to get the full deposit money back when the contract expires.An increasing number of people, however, are turning to monthly rent these days due to falling interest rates.On the table are usually money, thread, rice and pencil.The baby will be rich if it picks money, will live long with thread, and be a scholar by picking a pencil, which reflects Confucian tradition. This “hurry up” temperament has made Korea boast of a widely available delivery service that includes not only pizza, Chinese meals and fried chicken, but virtually any menu one can think of.

This unique heating system dating back to the Goguryeo Kingdom (37 B. Wood or holed briquettes were used to heat the room.A Jimjilbang is a kind of huge dry sauna facility, but it is different from typical saunas in that people absorb directly-radiated heat from rocks such as elvan, germanium, jade or yellow mud there, which is supposed to be good for their health.People wear cotton shorts and T-shirts, and enter one room after another, and each room is filled with different radiating rocks.There are large and luxurious jimjilbangs with diverse facilities including cafeterias, massage rooms, nail salons, Internet facilities and health clubs, and open round the clock.These facilities have made jimjilbangs popular among all groups of people, from senior citizens, housewives and families to couples on a date and office workers.Korea has a unique housing rental system called Jeonse, which is very unusual for most foreigners.

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