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Rookwood Pottery was founded in 1880 by Marie Longworth Nichols.

Rookwood pottery's initial work demonstrated an Oriental and European influence.

(1901-1905) Bookprinter, Anna Marie (1885-1905) Brain, Elizabeth Wheldon (1898-1899) Brennan, Alfred Laurens (1881-1885) Breuer, William Henry Joseph (1881-1883) Caven, Alice E. (1902-1907) Harris, Janet (1929-1932) Hentschel, William Ernest (1913-1932) Hickman, Katherine Leslie (1895-1900) Hicks, Orville B.

(1917-1919) Conant, Arthur P (1915-1939) Conant, Patti M (1914-1923) Cook, Daniel (1893-1895) Covalenco, Catherine Pissaroff (1896-1932) Coyne, Sarah Elizabeth (1891-1939) Crabtree, Catherine Calhoun (1923-1924) Cranch, Ellen Bertha (1894-1895) Cranch, Edward Pope (1882-1892) Crofton, Cora (1896) Daly, Matthew Andrew (1883-1903) de Golter, Katherine (1881-1882) Demarest, Virginia B. (1883) Furukawa, Lois (1944-1948) Glass, William ( 1959-1964) Goetting, Arthur E. (1906-1907) Hirschfeld, Nicholas Joseph (1882-1883) Holabird, Alice Belle (1881-1883) Holtkamp, Loretta (1920-1954) Horsfall, Robert Bruce (1893-1896) Horton, Hattie (1882-1884) Humphreys, Albert (1882-1884) Hurley, Edward Timothy (1896-1948) Jensen, Jens Jacob Herring Krug (1928-1948) Jones, Katherine (1924-1931) Keenan, Mary Virginia (1881-1883) King, Flora R.

Rookwood pottery was made in Cincinnati, Ohio, beginning in 1880.

All of this art pottery is marked, most with the famous flame mark. The name and some of the molds were bought by a collector in 1982. In 2004, a group of Cincinnati investors bought the company and 3,700 original molds, the name, and trademark.

Contemporary pieces are being made to compliment the dinnerware line designed by John D. Pieces are marked with the RP mark and a Roman numeral for the four-digit date.

Mold numbers on pieces made since 2006 begin with 10000. ff3=4&toolid=10044&campid=5336649018&customid=rookwood&lgeo=1&mpre=

Rookwood pottery employed over 120 artist and decorators during its years of operation. (1900-1903) Ley, Katherine Elizabeth (1944-1947) Lincoln, Elizabeth Neave (1892-1931) Linderman, Clara Christina (1898-1907) Linderman, Laura E.(1899-1905) Lunt, Thomas (1892-1895) Lyons, Helen M.I started collecting bawdry sometime in the boisterous nineteen sixties as part of my vacuum cleaner approach to collecting bush songs, verse, yarns and other folklore.It was simply a case of putting them to one side as they waited for their day to return to the centre stage.(1881-1883) Perkins, Mary Luella (1886-1898) Peters-Baurer, Pauline (1893-1894) Pitman, Agnes (1881-1883) Pons, Albert Frank (1904-1911) Pullman, John Wesley (1926-1931) Rauchfuss, Marie (1899-1903) Reed, Olga Geneva (1890-1909) Rehm, Wilhelmine (1927-1935, 1943-1948) Reich, Jean (1942) Rettig, Martin (1882-1885) Rothenbusch, Frederick Daniel Henry (1896-1931) Sacksteder, Jane (1945-1948) Sax, Sara (1896-1931) Scalf, Virginia (1944-1960) Schmidt, Carl (1896-1927) Sehon, Adeliza Drake (1896-1902) Seyler, David W.

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