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But we doubt they expected quite such an intimate grilling from Paul, who didn't pull any punches with his opening questions.

Ryan – a sales manager from London – explained that he worked for a professional services company.

Paul instantly shot back: "You're not an escort are you? The tone continued to lower as the handsome chap recalled dating a girl who loved the circus and was quick to show off her "sword swallowing skills". Perhaps most brutal of all, was when Paul outed one of the fella's quirks.

"What's all this about you wanting a girl with small hands? Other shocking moments from the episode included Essex lad JJ crudely quipping to Debbie: "I'm a big teddy bear but I hope you're not a dog." Not exactly a smooth talker, then.

In March, Toronto police announced the arrest of 29-year-old Everest Zhuka, charged with two counts of sexual assault.

Police alleged that he had lured at least two women through dating sites like Tinder with saccharine messages and promises he could help them start modelling careers.

The Internet has a long legacy of incubating misogyny.

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When she later told him she was uncomfortable, he asked her what she expected; after all, she had tattoos.

The audience listens, rapt, as she launches into a story about a truly dismal Starbucks date.

Her wannabe beau, she confesses, showed up wearing a Cosby-esque sweater (not ironically, she thinks), was at least 15 years older than his profile picture and smelled like the back of a stale cab.

Celebs Go Dating is about to get very X Rated after one of the new contestant revealed she bedded a co-star and also flashed the entire cast and crew.

Charlotte Dawson has hinted that she couldn’t resist jumping into bed with for X Factor bad boy Frankie Cocozza.

" Paul jeered, as Ryan's jaw hit the floor."I don't remember saying that..." he murmured, but Paul wasn't backing down."You did. Ultimately, it was carpenter and part-time model Richard who wooed Debbie.

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