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Dobkin himself was desperate to cast Wilson and Vaughn in a script called revisiting Wilson and Vaughn’s characters a decade-plus after the original.

Vaughn’s entrance into a new world of kinky sex comes when he wakes up to discover Fisher has tied him to the bed and shoved a used sock into his mouth.

"It hurts to be lied to like that," Vaughn complains.

You can practically see the lightbulb over his head—and for a brief moment, it looks like might be self-aware enough to interrogate the lies men and women tell each other because they’re afraid to be themselves.

We're wishing Rachel Mc Adams a happy birthday by showing off the long list of her cutest costars from her romantic dramas and comedies.

It arrives in the opening scene—about a minute and a half into the movie—when a cheating husband sees his estranged wife reaching for a bottle of pills and sneers, "That’s it. It featured Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn at the height of their stardom, and Rachel Mc Adams and Bradley Cooper almost immediately before they became household names.

They said, ' They’re going to these weddings, lying about who they are and doing all this stuff to get these girls to sleep with them.' " stars Wilson and Vaughn as a pair of buddies who routinely crash strangers’ weddings and manipulate the hottest bridesmaids into sleeping with them.

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