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; names QHI or QFL can be anything, only the Intuit ID matters ; it is 1007 for QHI, and 1023 for QFL ; and the Exe Name is what will be invoked I missed the ^FTSE index update which was on my watch list so I decided to add it to the list for qimportp .... It seems the yahoo site quotes the ^FTSE in Pounds but shares are in pence (It probably does this for indexes in $ and EURO too). Solved simply by putting SET TEMP=C:\temp in the file. Thanks once more - This script has really saved me a lot of time and hassle with the "Sunset" policy of Quicken. That last tip is great - I found that QFL could also be used - Quicken Family Lawyer. Version 0.3 of this package added support for non-US users, based on the code given in a comment (#5535), the /dmy and /div100 options provide that support. From what has been reported elsewhere on the web, shares and mutual fund price downloads in UK are priced differently - shares in pence, funds in pounds (or vice-versa? So QImport P provides the /div100 option which can be used when needed. The current page is here: /tech/import-prices-script-for-quicken/.] The QImport P package is placed into Public Domain. v0.3.0 with the /div100 and /dmy options works perfectly for me in the UK ;-) I tried the "/automate" and ran into a few problems; when %temp%=C:\Documents and Settings\User\Local Settings\Temp, windows scripting expands this to be C:\DOCUME~1\USER\LOCALS~1\Temp It seems sendkeys gave up with the "~" (or treated it as a special key) and no import was made. The label under the icon can also be changed - when in Customize, click on icon name and then on Edit icon, and then the "Quicken Family Lawyer" can be changed to QImport P for example. L" /automate /days:7 /daily /div100 /dmy /v:3 Microsoft (R) Windows Script Host Version 5.8 Copyright (C) Microsoft Corporation. get Arg Val: what=div100 val=true get Arg Val: what=dmy val=true Output file name = C:\Users\Bob\App Data\Local\Temp\QImport get Arg Val: what=noget val=false get Arg Val: what=s val=AOR. Note that the menu item can't be edited, it will still say "Quicken Family Lawyer".

This message appears or doesn't appear depending on the specific transaction history involved with a specific security.But the icon displayed on toolbar just below the menus will have the correct test. is hard to find - found it here on my box: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Intuit\Quicken\Config Will be either there (All Users) or specific user name if not installed for all users. Account history downloads are not supported from within the Quicken product.To save manual entry for the account history of your Business Retirement accounts you will need to download a Quicken compatible file from the account history page on the website.Archive with script and readme: QImport P-0.6.0[2015-04-09] Previous release: QImport P-0.5.0[2009] And here are links to look at the key files: QImport P.wsf, the README, and the Change Log file.

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