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After being intoxicated, these captives would then be killed in the most brutal ways.

Pioneer missionary Martin de Rada reported one case in Butuan wherein the slave was bound to a cross before being tortured by bamboo spikes, hit with a spear, and finally thrown into the river.

During the ritual, the girl who was having her first period was secluded, covered, and blindfolded.

Isolation usually lasted for four days if the woman was a commoner, while those belonging to the principal class had to go through this process for as long as a month and twenty days!

Such was their fear to have more children that pregnant women were prohibited to eat For others, the idea of having multiple children made them feel like pigs, so women who were pregnant to their second or third child would resort to abortion to get rid of their pregnancy.

Poverty was another reason, as reported by Miguel de Loarca: (first menstruation) is memorable for a lot of women today, rarely does it become a cause for celebration.

Remember, babies’ skulls are the most pliable, so this continuous pressure often resulted into elongated heads.

Don’t feel bad if you do, because chances are you’re not alone.They believed that the dying in the pre-colonial Philippines.Everything they did was based on existing customs and beliefs, one of which was that having many children was not desirable and even a disgrace.The ” The mantles covering her, on the other hand, shielded her from wind blows, which they believed could lead to insanity. The girl could also not eat anything apart from two eggs or four mouthfuls of rice–morning and night, for four straight days. Also Read: or carried by a male helper on his shoulder.

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