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I am subscribed to two podcasts in i Tunes, but they are checked and not showing up on the Nano. It should be set to sync all episodes or similar before they will show up in the podcast menu.

The i Pod is set to Sync mode, but I changed it to manually, but it's still not showing up on the pod. Video podcasts will not transfer since the nano can not play video.

We are going to show you guide now to add podcast to i Pod using autofill option. Launch and connect i Pod using its cable and click on your i Pod icon.

These file are there in different formats such as audio and videos or sometimes PDF or e Pub.

Connect i Pod with computer and launch i Tunes latest version on your computer.

Now click on your i Pod icon and go to Summary section.

i Tunes enables users to put podcast on i Pod but it’s little bit hard process to put podcast on i Pod using i Tunes.

Then you need another ways to put podcast on i Pod.

Launch i Tunes on computer and click on the i Tunes store option on the top of the screen.

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