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The resulting project starts by offering vintage car owners 450 x 19" and 500 x 19" sized tyres, with testing for others well under way.

Julian himself claims that the tyres are better than any other he has used and he states that this has been born out by reports from those who have been testing the tyres.

I quite like the 5 stud tread style dating from the late 1930s and, although the tread width seems in keeping, the carcass is far too "fat".

Secondly, Julian's own bugbear has been that the tyres available today look nothing like those of the vintage period, having a totally different tread style.He had joined Dunlop in 1968, was manager of car racing in 1973 and was the first man to be made manager of all three divisions (cars/bikes/rallying).In 1987 he started Concours Tyre & Rubber to design and manufacture high quality inner tubes and rim bands.Being a race tyre it is my belief that it is not suitable for road use due to there being no sidewall protection and this could be a bit of a grey area which the insurance companies have never really cottoned on to: it always surprised me that David Black's insurance paid up after his monumental accident in France with his Type 51.More seriously it is my opinion that these Dunlop's have been designed for 4inch rim widths whereas our Bugattis tend to be no more than 2.7 inches!He feels that modern styled tyres are seriously compromising our cars authenticity and overall look.

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