Open relationship dating


That exciting sexual variety, rather than promiscuity for the sake of it, is one benefit of open relationships.There's a strong assumption that someone opens up their relationship simply because they're looking for a hall pass to sleep with anyone they want, whenever they want.

Another intriguing component of an open relationship is simply the excitement, thrill and sense of adventure that it can bring.Just take this presumptuous line from a , "The guy was actually interested in creating an emotional bond.He was genuinely interested in me as a person and not just a hook-up.And by choosing to have an open relationship, they’re able to combine the best of both worlds.Another appealing characteristic of this kind of relationship is that it grants you and your partner the freedom to pursue other people in a way that’s based on mutual respect, open communication and total honesty.For instance, while you’re certainly relying on your partner to make good choices and be physically safe, there’s also a lingering chance that he or she may develop serious feelings for someone else, leaving you feeling emotionally unsupported and hurt. If you’re considering having an open relationship, weighing the pros and cons can help you make a more informed and educated decision.

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