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Ezekiel, Printer and Publisher 1917 COPYRIGHTED, 1917, BY HEBERT T. 12 His will (see Appendix B) states expressly his feeling upon the subject.EZEKIEL AND GASTON LICHTENSTEIN 147455 1 My co-religionists have a habit of seising upon every name of apparently Jewish origin as belonging to their tribe, something after the style of James Russell Lowell, of whom it is said this was also a monomania; that he detected a Jew in every hiding-place and in every disguise. When Cohen & Isaacs dissolved partnership, the document was written in Hebrew script and dq:osited with the other records.

A copy of the same was again recorded on the 3d of November, 1783.GENEALOGY COLLECTION Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2016 OOezek The History 0 " OF THE Jews of Richmond FROM 1769 to 1917 HERBERT T. 11 Never- theless, Isaiah Isaacs did not entirely reconcile himself to the institution of slavery.EZEKIEL AND GASTON LICHTENSTEIN ftufjmonb, IDirainia Herbert T. On the nth of May, 1799, he emancipated a negro woman, Lucy, about forty years of age. On March 22, 1787, its owners, Cohen & Isaacs, advertised for an occupant. If not Richmond’s first hotel, it was a close claimant for that honor. She says : “It is indeed a lovely situation, and may at some future period be a great city, but at present it will afford scarce one comfort of life.

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