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The five founding members were brothers Chris and Adam Rupp, Matt Atwood, Darren Scruggs, and Dan Lemke; taking their name from a boat owned by Atwood's grandfather who helped support the group financially in the early years.The group began as a hobby for the singers, but they gradually gained in experience and popularity.The group competed in and won the fourth season of The Sing-Off on NBC in 2013.They sang an arrangement of Hunter Hayes' "I Want Crazy," as their final competitive song, earning the group 0,000 and a recording contract with Sony.In terms of musical roles, Home Free is structured like a traditional barbershop quartet, with a lead tenor, two harmony voices, and a bass.The lead tenor, who fronts the group and sings most of the solos, is Austin Brown.

2 on Top Country Albums with 13,000 sold, the band's best performance on the chart.Before Foust joined the group, Home Free was an all-purpose a cappella group, singing in a wide variety of styles, of which country was only a minor one.With the additions of Foust and Brown, the group moved more in the direction of country and found that audiences responded well to it.All five of Home Free’s singers have formal musical training.Lundquist and the Rupp brothers all have bachelor's degrees in music.Adam Rupp's primary instrument is trumpet, but he also plays drums, keyboard, and bass guitar.

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