Lx200gps ra pec updating


I proceeded with a second update attempt, but this time stuck around to observe the upload.After completing the upload, Star Patch sent a message to the Auto Star/LX200 to reset.Mapping was curtailed when cloud began to develop and there was insufficient stars to link/map in the last 16 attempted frames and a remaining 12 points were cancelled 0.85 arc min RMS with ?best TPoint Model Polar Misalignment Azimuth (MA -74, sigma 11).This provided 161 measurements of the tracking drift over approximately 8 minute period intervals (see graph below).

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TPoint Mapping was conducted by using automated routine , but with progress monitoring by indoors computer.When I returned the upload status was showing 100% but there was an error message saying that Autostar had failed to update.Checking the handset indicated that it has moved to 4.2G (from 4.2g) but none of the old settings were there.A "try, catch end try" coding was added and the program continued.Underlying error related to the monitoring of Temp and Star Elongation.Scatter is graph data assumed to be due to a mixture of residual periodic error and imperfections in the RA gear.

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