Liquidating dividend from an investee


I realize there is no such thing as purity in investing in anything today, be it mutual funds or dividend investing.

I am sure my retirement portfolio has shares in companies I do not like.

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If I remember correctly, do get that reduced commission rate you have to buy on certain days, correct?

Even if you want to focus on that subset the apparent belief that you can beat a widely diversified index through your own flavor of fundamental analysis , that in no way restricts you to dividend paying stocks.

Indeed, your analyses should show you the benefit of avoiding mandatory income recognition.

Most dividend growth investors are always looking for that company, as getting on that train early is the best way to enjoy the view! Jackson December 22, , 9: No Name Guy December 22, , 9: Jacob at ERE I believe uses the Your math is correct.

I think there is always opportunities for some kind of income if you want it.

There is a difference between someone who tells a few white lies now and then, and a serial killer of women.

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