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At the time of her death, Jennifer was working as a record company executive in Los Angeles.

She died April 2 2001 at am, after her Jeep Cherokee crashed into a row of parked cars in Los Angeles.

In 1985, Keanu made his first film appearance in the Canadian crime movie, One Step Away For more than two and half decades, he has been working with Denise Snyder to keep his body in right shape for a variety of his roles.

Over the years, they have tweaked his workouts to suit his movie roles and Reeves has even worked with other trainers for specific roles.

The couple separated permanently not long after the baby's death, but were said to have remained good friends.

Ms Syme had been suffering from depression and was receiving medication since.

He even used to tour with the band to Europe, United States, and Asia.

They released their debut studio album, Our Little Visionary in 1996 in association with Zoo Entertainment.

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However, he dropped out without completing high school education.

Reza got engaged to his longtime boyfriend Adam Neely last year, but so far, like Jennifer Aniston, no wedding.

Not much is known about Jennifer Maria Syme, except that she was a girlfriend of actor Keanu Reeves.

Apparently Manson was a long-time friend of Jennifer's.

Syme was the one who introduced Manson to Lynch, which led to Manson receiving a small part in Lost Highway.

Also, there is a striking resemblance between Laura Harring and Syme. I'm wondering with all the subtle clues the movie gives us, if somehow Lynch is trying to tell the viewer to dig deeper.

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