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I think we all agree that what Arie did to her was pretty horrible. That’s why we saw all the footage of her flying out of LA and back home to Minneapolis.Even if at the end of the day, it took courage for him to do it and he did the right thing by not stringing her along, it was still horrible. That’s why they filmed her getting emotional at home watching videos of her and Arie. I can’t remember if it was right after I was officially off the show or a couple days after, but I do know that the Bachelor producers told me they wanted me to be the Bachelorette very quickly after being off the show. Even though it doesn’t take away all the pain, I just hope they gave her something to look forward to and the belief that she will find someone out there that’s better for her!It was so incredible to see how Becca handled talking to Arie.She has such class and poise that I can’t help but be in all of her.And here’s the thing, Arie and Lauren have had the chance to get to know each other off-camera for at least a month now.That alone makes them more ready to get engaged than really any of the couples on the show before them.By the end of the show, his final picks had narrowed down to department store buyer Molly and sales rep Melissa Rycroft.Jason was so torn over the Final Rose decision that he inspired what would have easily become a meme if such a thing existed in 2009.

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He owned up to his mistakes and I applaud him for that. I don’t know that I would’ve been able to be happy for them if Becca wasn’t named the new Bachelorette.She was in no way better or hold anything against him and she even gave him forgiveness which I feel really takes a strong person to do.I do want to say however that I also think Arie handled himself very well.And I don’t think he did that because he was necessarily trying to manipulate her like some of the girls on the show said last night.I think he was just so afraid to lose her, that he didn’t want to say the wrong thing.And before you leave I have to tell you that I just found out the dress I’m wearing below is under ! I couldn’t believe it when I saw it online this morning so I had to add to this post. Becca gets to be the Bachelorette and Arie & Lauren are engaged and I think will have a long and hopefully lasting relationship! So curious if people are happy for Arie and Lauren or not.

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