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In my first five plus years serving as the guest relationship expert on i Village.com's "Ask Mr.Answer Man" message boards, I've come across many common issues that are significant to a large number of love-seeking women.

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What are the lessons that we can learn when men, who seemingly have everything at home, are caught in an affair?

Find out the best places (what I call "Favorite Fishing Holes") where can meet high-quality, eligible men for dating and romance by using the fishing metaphor for love.

Enlightened anglers (smart women) will receive a lot of handy information including lists, tests, and exercises that are designed to raise their overall awareness around such interesting topics as: Click on the "more info" button to download the Men Are Like Fish Special Report.

While they may help elevate your awareness of the communication process, if improperly used, these same techniques may also cause other people to avoid you.

What I've done here is give you 7 simple and powerful techniques that anyone can use successfully in their everyday communication as well as 7 other methods you must avoid at all costs.

With the Law of Attraction in mind, I happily present to you 5 FREE SPECIAL REPORTS covering a wide range of dating, relationship, love, and communication topics.

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