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In all of her photos she rarely smiles with an open mouth as she has one discolored front tooth which I was planning to have capped.

When I told Anastasia of the album she became very angry and demanded I remove all photos of her and her son from the online album.

In February a male friend I had introduced to Russian women emailed me that he thought he had seen a new Ad for my Anastasia on Absolute.

I said he was Crazy as we were in Love, her Visa was about to be approved, I had been supporting her for many months, and she would Never do such a thing to me.

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I never received a response when I sent a letter to the "Director" expressing my concerns that they were being used by scammers.

The description was also exactly her, though she was now a year younger at 43 instead of 44, widowed, 5'7", 135 lbs, living in St.

Petersburg, with the same description she had used on Friend Finder over a year ago.

I was shocked that she would deceive me like this after my months of supporting her and our Fiancee Visa application due to be approved any day.

I asked my friend who was a member on Absolute to email her as a suitor and tell me what she said.

When I let her know I was suspicious, she told me she was suspicious of me too and was doing a background check on me.

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