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Lu has been wearing short hair since she started to learn fencing at around age ten.

She recalls that in her childhood she got routine checks before going into public women’s restrooms, with people calling her “little boy.” The situation is less common these days, she says.

Earlier this month, China’s social network giant Tencent held a series of music events called “Husband Exhibition” at Chinese universities.

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China’s talent agents have been talking about forming an androgynous band for years ever since Li’s success, Zhou says, but few women wanted to take the risk.In China, women dressing up like men has become a more common sight and more accepted by society in recent years.That’s in part thanks to pop idol Li Yuchun, dubbed the mother of the unisex look in China.So far I have had the app since the 16th and have about 35 likes from girls of varying quality.On my profile it says I've been liked 98 times, so 98 potential likes in a 10 day period is pretty damn good in my book.After two months’ training, Lu Keran, An Junxi, Peng Xichen, Min Junqian and Lin Fan emerged as the five members of Acrush.

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