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” Claire chooses the response card: “I was having a great day until you decided to harass me on my way to work.” Jess likes Reed’s response card the best, and awards him the harassment card, “Damn, Girl!

” An experiment in what could go wrong (or right) from good faith. Materials Required: Any form of voice communication. Phase 1: The pitcher gives an offer to the catcher. It could be an offer to help the catcher carry in their groceries, or an attempt to hit on them, among many other things.

The game is made with alien races and planets in order to give players a broader perspective in to racial problems and to examine how two different peoples can work towards a wholesome, mutual goal.

Speechless is a first person suitor game, or a meet ‘em up, though it challenges the generic framework of both.

Once all players have placed a response card down on the table, the judge determines their favorite response to the given harassment, awarding that card to the player with the winning response.

They can react any way they desire, from paying the pitcher for their help to slapping them across the face and calling the police.

However, they must eventually choose to accept or refuse the pitch.

Specifically, Speechless aims to resist the conventions of dating sims or romance visual novels that objectify women as merely sexual “goals” in the service of heterosexual male fantasy.

The player assumes the role of an employee who works for a company that relays break-up messages for clients unwilling to face their own loved ones directly.

The final contract forces you to navigate the player-character’s own relationship with their unseen significant other, switching the roles so that you react to your own breakup via a fellow employee relaying the kind of information you were so keen on disseminating earlier. At the start of the game, each grrl receives seven response cards.

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