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The cession of the Gambia to France was proposed in the late 19th century but was met with considerable protest in both the Gambia and in England.

In 1888, the colony regained its own government structure, and in 1894 the Gambia Colony and Protectorate was properly established along the lines it would continue to hold until independence.

The push towards self-government increased its pace, and the House of Representatives was established in 1960.

It was administered from Sierra Leone until 1843 when it was given its own Governor, but in 1866 merged again with Sierra Leone.

Further English expeditions from 1618 to 1621, including under Richard Jobson, were attempted but resulted in huge losses.

Merchants of the Commonwealth of England sent expeditions to the Gambia in 1651, but their ships were captured by Prince Rupert the following year.

The only Europeans were traders who existed in a few settlements on the river banks, such as Pisania.

Following the end of the Napoleonic Wars, Alexander Grant was sent to re-establish a presence in the Gambia.

In 1651, the Couronian colonisation of the Gambia had also begun, with forts and outposts being erected on several islands.

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