Freeones pre recorded webcam sex shows


But I assure you, I am not going anywhere and will only learn from the past to able myself in making the best decisions for any and all future projects..

With the continuous love and support from all my loyal fans, members and followers I know I will get through yet another transition.

Like any relationship in life, business, personal, love etc... Despite any announcements being made, I have to honor the truth and my sanity by announcing that I have NOT produced nor am I submitting any new content for any previous solo sites. For every 1k followers i reach, i do a special nakey pic post.. I might remember the old account later but for now I have this one for . I am thinking I may tap back into my Blonde Bombshell signature look.. : D I prefer the brunette look, but to be honest you are an absolute stunner with any hair . I am thinking I may tap back into my Blonde Bombshell signature look.. It must be a consequence of not turning out regular product for the past few months.

If your heart isn't into something and if you are no longer compatible, it is in everyone's best interest to part ways. I wish everyone the best of success, happiness and will continue to Treat others the way they are treating me. ( these facts can be verified also by the fact I have been sporting brunette hair for the past 4 months : P) I hope you all will support me in my future projects, as it is my passion to produce quality genuine work, shows and interaction with my fans. So be on the look out for those pic and vid sets very soon!! keep posted to the latest updates on my official and ONLY Twitter ( and Tumblr ( account .. It CAN'T be that enough people think all those others are hotter than her. I went to vote for Gisele for Miss Freeones today (as always) and she's not on the board any longer.

Gisele, you are amazing, here's to you: Have a great day, Archetype Guess who will be doing g/g shows TONIGHT ON My Free ( !?!?!?!

You can overcome transitions and projects that have failed. Yall always make me smile :)It is that Time of year again!!!!! ( of course this means LOTS of new pic and video teasers for yall through out the voting!!! Thanks everyone who is showing their love and support and VOTING xo GISELE ( !!! xoxo G been 2 years since I have actually been on Freeones and MFC. xoxo Gisele [Please Note: the attachment in this post has been deleted by moderator Plasma Twa2 (

xoxo Gisele Saw yours and Alicia Secrets show and all that can be said is WOW!!! I also just finished making a BRAND NEW 70 picture HD webcam set and a matching 8 min 30 sec Video full of close ups and the sensual seduction you all love and adore...

I apologize for the inconvenience this has caused existing and potential members to these sites.

You come off as genuine and real, and that on top of your concern for the desires of your fans for your product makes you pretty unique. She just recently announced that she is planning to return to the "BLONDE Bombshell" that so many like! Gisele has stated over and over that she has "NO interest" in going HARDCORE! Of course, only she can choose which path she wishes to go in this Industry! I have some exclusive pic sets coming for freeones only! She does't have the profit even if you become a member. She was bumped to 17th on the final day and failed to make the cut of being in the Top 15! == She is still in the running with a chance to win in 3 other categories: Best Cam Girl, Best Adult Model, and Best OCSM! She needs You to Vote daily for her in each of these categories! Lots and Lots of NEW content coming soon on My Free Cams ( !! I am NO longer apart of ANY solo sites (Love/Got Gisele) so please show your lovin on My Free Cams! It was the thread that was getting dull, never you. Follow my Tumblr ( and Twitter ( for the latest updates!! Nice pics Gisele Those outdoor images with the jean jacket on tumblr are among your most beautiful ever, Gisele.

I'd like to reiterate my suggestion that you consider getting with a real top-rate glamor photography studio and produce some more formal work. Now, let's see, does this say something about your LOVE for Gisele? She is such an Amazing Woman to enjoy and appreciate! She prefers to be Herself and is very careful who she plays around with! ) She has done some light G/G Cam shows and Pic sets! But, I believe, that she is very Happy with where she is Now! then help support me on the ONLY cam site I choose to work for.. I cant believe Miss Freeones is just around the corner!!! help me start off this crappy year with a bang and take home 1st baby!! Her Best chance to win a category is Best Cam Girl! ( XOXO GISELE Follow me on Twitter ( for the latest show times, updates and Teaser pic Galore!! Too many reposts from Love & Got, not enough current stuff. Excellently composed, and show your tremendous fineness to the best possible advantage. Ok whatever I don't want to act dumb but this is reality and I don't want to start opinions ok on preference.

It was so hard to choose between what I knew was right for myself and what could have been an easier decision. I will not go into any details as to why I have made these business decisions.

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