Emma dating degrassi ivillage how to do dating


They started to bond a little and in the end decided to try to make the marriage work. It's not completely unrealistic for 2 people to connect over something random. My comment wasn't about whether or not people can get together if they didn't really know each other in high school.

I, too, know people who weren't close with one another in high school, but later reconnected and became best friends or bf/gf.

I loved Jane and Spinner, but Spinner deserved better than someone who cheated on him for several weeks and never bothered to tell him. Besides that, though, Jane was never going to want to stay in one place like Spinner did. He wanted to have a quaint, simple life, working at The Dot and at most, becoming a cop. Jane wanted to get out in the world and do big things. It's about 8 years of a TV show with two characters being one way — not friends, don't really talk to one another, have nothing in common — and then in one fell swoop, they get married and are blissfully happy.

I think it made sense for those two characters and the people they grew up to be/their needs and wants in a relationship. She didn't want to be a simple house wife like Spinner ended up wanting when he learned about his adult self. He likes bidding for houses and having Sunday dinners with his father in law. Jane was perfect for Spinner when he was the slightly rebellious high schooler in a band, but Spinner and Jane grew in different directions. The person Emma was when she was with Sean is than post-Smithdale Emma. Do I think these two specific people are the ~best match ever~? It has nothing to do with high school sweethearts or who betrayed whom.

Like they had very little interaction before and then to all of a sudden be engaged it's like wait what just happened!? And didn't even let Toby and Holly J happen because Toby turned her down.

Not to mention it makes sense that they didn't want to pay for the annulment and then over time decided they wanted to try being together. But post HS, Toby grows up and becomes a famous host of a TV show if you remember.

The uproar comes from the fact that it doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

You might not watch Degrassi for solid acting or writing, but others do, especially sense it did great In those departments numerous of times.

Sure, it could all work out, but the producers pulled it out of their asses.

The timing PLUS the characters not knowing each other made it too annoying.

Majority of Degrassi couples, have had interactions, build up, and development leading up, and then after their relationships.

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