Deborrah cooper dating expert


Interracial relationships, African American men and women, recognizing the games singles play and deflecting them, and other controversial dating issues more mainstream experts won't touch Best Sellers: Sucka Free Love!How to Avoid Dating The Dumb, Deceitful, Dastardly, Dysfunctional & Deranged! Com Career Focus: Advice Columnist, Author, Speaker and Relationship Coach Deborrah Cooper gained underground acclaim through her 15 -year career of relationship advice counseling, conducting seminars and workshops in the San Francisco Bay Area and as a producer and host of ”Heart Beat,” a cable television talk show in Oakland, California.

As a backup and session singer she has worked with Jessica Simpson, Lisa Lisa, Natalie Cole She vocalized Budget Gourmets "Things That Make You Go MMMM" Campaign a take off of the C C Music Factory song on which Cooper appeared.

In this case I've spent almost three decades educating women and girls on matters of the heart, abusive relationships, mate selection, social issues which impact the female gender, self esteem, and other relationship dynamics which cause angst and confusion.

Over the past 26 years, I've helped tens of thousands of women, girls and even men better understand themselves and why they make the choices they do which ultimately harm them.

In 2001 for Producer DJ Victor Calderone Deborah recorded " Are You Satisfied" which was a number 1 dance music hit; 2004 introduced a popular remix of the "Real Love" collaboration by Rosabel a house music duo consisting of Producer / DJs Ralphi Rosario from Chicago, Illinois and DJ Abel from Miami, Florida.

The new version premiered live when she appeared at 2004 Chicago annual Fireball event to a sold out event.

An international tour is being planned for summer 2007 in support of her book as well as new tracks she is composing.

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