Dbml not updating designer cs


If you are looking at using a complex user defined type, like Address, you should use EF6.0's Complex Type.It is not a simple drag/drop on the Design Surface.

You can use LINQ query syntax to expressively indicate how to query your data model in a strongly typed way.Unlike the Data Set/Table Adapter feature provided in VS 2005, when using the LINQ to SQL designer you do not have to specify the SQL queries to use when creating your data model and access layer.Instead, you focus on defining your entity classes, how they map to/from the database, and the relationships between them.The column does not show up in the datacontext instance.Dim db as New Namespace.datacontext = New Namespace.datacontext dim data as new Namespace.tbl_name data.If you do not already have a table, you can create one by using the following procedure.

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