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Another thing to keep in mind is that even if it’s ‘only’ their thoughts and feelings that are continuing to be an issue, there could potentially be further contact with the other person at some point in the future, as they need to “get a fix” – if you will.

This does nothing but start the affair all over again.

According to our observations during the 1998 winter solstice we assume that two elevated sites of rupestrian art decorated with kinds of sight-line or "alidad" - to be further evidence of this quest.1) The site called « La Gardette », is an erosion resistant outcropping of gneiss located on an hilltop at 835m, in Hte Cèzarenque (near Aujac, in the Cevennes, France: N 44°21'40", E 4°01'34").

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A cultural activity of this kind surpassed the insular context, quite fortuitous, of this discovery.

3000 years ago it had even to rise by 6.5° over the horizon to be seen.

We conclude that the orientation of the engravings at La Gardette and at La Peira Eicrita reveal within neolithic humanity a sense of observation which merits the term scientific.

Even casual contact prevents completion of withdrawal from the addiction of an affair.

Since an affair is usually an addiction, the only way to fully recover is to permanently separate the unfaithful spouse (the addict) from the lover (the source of the addiction).

Recently, we’ve been mentoring and communicating with several betrayed spouses who are going through some difficult times to say the least.

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