Dating royal worcester dots


his company came into being on the dissolution of partnership of the Kerr & Binns partnership when W. The main personalities were Richard William Binns, acting as what we would now call the Art Director, and Edward Phillips, a Staffordshire earthenware manufacturer, in charge of production.

William Litherland, a Liverpool retailer, was also a shareholder in the new concern.

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Printed marks incorporating the name of the pattern are subsequent to 1810.Use of the words 'Bone China', 'English Bone China', etc., denotes a 20th-century date.he Elbe river north of Dresden is the setting for Meissen, Germany.In 1710, the necessary ingredient of kaolin clay to make hard paste porcelain was discovered within his territory and used at his new factory in Meissen.The local geography of surrounding mountains could be used to protect the factory and the secrets of porcelain manufacture, and the Elbe river provided ready and inexpensive transportation for raw materials and finished product.Printed marks transferred from engraved copper plates at the time of decoration.

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