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For the next 100 years, the square grand piano would evolve into a larger, heavier, and more mechanically refined instrument.century, American piano makers built and sold more square grand pianos than grand pianos or upright pianos!

By the 1930s onward, tiny baby grand pianos, like the tiny spinet upright piano, continued to be popular in the modern American home as people moved into smaller houses and apartments.Since this was the height of the Victorian era, manufacturers were building their upright pianos with exotic woods and lavish carvings, often producing incredibly ornate and lavish models to suit the décor of the era.The last decade of the 19From about 1900-1916, the Arts & Crafts Movement was a major force in American design.These tiny pianos were often referred to as “Apartment Size” baby grand pianos, sometimes measuring as little as 52 inches long!Century, most major manufacturers were building organs for home use.These mid-19 entury grand pianos were rarely less than six feet long, and were usually very massive and striking in appearance.

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