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You do not need to apply for a Permanent Resident Card.If you did not provide a mailing address when you were granted permanent resident status, or you have since moved, please update your mailing address.You can apply for a Permanent Resident Card if you: You will need to gather certain documents in order to apply for a Permanent Resident Card.Collect these documents as early as possible, especially if you plan to travel soon.If this date has passed or will pass while you are out of the USA, you need to renew your passport. While you are away, leave a copy of your passport and permanent residence stamp with someone in the USA. Many people have lost their permanent residence through abandonment. In order to work while you await adjustment of status, you must submit an Application for Employment Authorization.That way, if your passport gets lost or stolen, someone can fax a copy of your passport and permanent residence stamp to the closest U. Keeping your visit outside the USA under six months is probably safe. If you're approved, you'll be able to work in the U. while your green card application is reviewed, and your Employment Authorization also serves as proof to an employer that you're lawfully allowed to work.Most Permanent Resident Cards expire every five years, while some expire after one year.Check the expiry date and apply for a new one well before you plan to travel outside Canada.

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When entering Mexico through the intended places for international transit by land, sea and air, the foreigner that obtained a temporary or permanent residence visa must present his/her passport with the visa to the immigration officer, as well as the Multiple Migratory Format (FMM) duly filled.

The FMM is provided on board the plane or can be obtained in the port of entrance to Mexico or in line in the following address: The permanent resident card will have unlimited validity, except for alien minors three years of age or less, which must renew the card every year until the turn three years old.

From this age and until the turn eighteen years old, the migratory document must be renewed every four years.

If you leave the country, you are expected to have this card when you return to Canada.

Check the expiry date of your Permanent Resident Card before you plan to travel outside Canada.

If you are outside of Canada without a valid Permanent Resident Card, you will need a Travel document to return to Canada.

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