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Traditionally dark and strong brews served with milk to give that early morning pick me up.Rooibos is native to South Africa, produced from “Aspalathus Linearis” sometimes known as Red Bush.The most popular flavoured green tea is Japanese Cherry.Herbal Tea is from plants that are not Camellia Sinensis.Manufactured from Green Teas that have been grown under Shade conditions during the time leading up to harvest. When brewed the liquor is whisked to create the unique beverage that is at the heart of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. From the Himalayan kingdom of Nepal, Gurkha Tea is grownjust across the valley from the most famous Indian tea growing of Darjeeling is the Illam district of Nepal.The British Gurkha troops are from Nepal and Tea growing is promoted to help ex Gurkha Families upon retiring from the British Army.Sometimes referred to as Tisanes, often blended with standard teas.

Manufacture varies from the better quality whole leaf orthodox teas to fine cut teas called fannings that go into making traditional tea bags. Also coming from the Camellia Sinensis tea bush but are not oxidised is Green Tea, grown under full sun but also under shade conditions.

Based on a blend of mainly black tea and scented with the oil of bergamot.

Several variations of Earl Grey Tea exist including Cream Earl Grey, Russian Earl Grey and Versailles Lavender Earl Grey.

White Teas are another Tea known for their medicinal qualities, they have a light delicate liquor and taste and are drunk without Milk.

Matcha is from Japan and China and come from the same Plant.

Herbs grow across the world and every country produces its own special herbs from English Peppermint Tea to Greek Mountain Tea.

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