Dating a diplomat


we have friends over just like we would have friends over at home.

Diplomatic invitations are getting harder and harder to come by – budgets are constrained across the board and so often not everyone gets invited.

And while we don’t entertain officially a ton, we still do some and that most certainly falls on the spouse to prepare, set a plan, do the shopping, do the cooking, and do the cleaning.

A major one of which is that I am in my early 20’s, single and female.What can you recommend to me and people in my position in terms of meeting young people abroad, getting involved in post life, and whether or not the possibility of meeting “Mr. What is post life like for a young Singleton’ a la Bridget Jones’ Diary?Dear Single Young Female: Congratulations on joining the Foreign Service!Even if you choose not to have your activity tracked by third parties for advertising services, you will still see non-personalized ads on our site.I’m about to start the A-100 training class and will then be posted to who-knows-where.Hopefully this blog as a whole sheds some light on that, but I also wanted to address the things I come across most often that are just flat out misconceptions. At least, that’s the US policy, and I should know since I amass parking tickets like they’re going out of style, and in fact just got one the other day to the tune of 0 for a 10 minute infraction (I just can’t remember to correctly set those Danish timer clocks! I can’t speak for other countries services but generally speaking, we try to operate within whatever the local laws are, and if we break them and incur fines, we pay them.

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