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As soon as we left my house and had gotten about a hundred yards away I stared to rub Marks crotch with my hand and could feel the instant response , his cock started to rise.

I quickly started to remove his cock from it's confines and stroked his cock to it's full potential a very nice eight plus inches and very thick.

I immediately thought of what Carol had said that the guy would almost anything you asked them well it was certainly true Mark was going to eat my cunt and I could hardly wait , I mean Carol has eaten my cunt many times before and I her but this would be the first time a boy will lick my hot box and I am really excited .

Carol said that she shaves her cunt often wanting to keep it baby soft for Todd he really loves to lick her box without the hair getting in caught in his teeth and mouth.

Mark lines up with my brown eye and slowly enters when the head of his cock gets past my anal ring I relax enough for him to push in deeper until his balls are slapping my ass cheeks it is feeling dam good at this point as I start rocking back against him .

Mark grabs my hips to help control the pace his is plunging all the way down as far as his cock will go .

That is what you are supposed to do when you get to college fuck and suck and if your lucky enough find a guy that will make a ton of money to support you .

Talking like a slut must have really turned Mark on because now his tongue feels like he has a motor attached to it he grabs my ass cheek and pulls his face as deep as he could all the while he is driving his three fingers inside my burning hot cunt .

I am moving like a fish out of water , I grab his head so that I can keep in the spot that feels the best .

Mark starts slowly going in until all of his cock is firmly planted as deep as it will go and I tell him that it feels so good so he is now free to fuck me hard and as fast as he wants.

In a second his cock is pumping in and out of my hole like a jack hammer and it feels really good so I wrap my legs around his waist and pull him close and hold him then grab his head and kiss him like it going to be the last kiss I would ever get we swap tongues for a couple of seconds then we break the kiss and he pummels my pussy for the next twenty minutes , he tells me that he is close he pulls out and I cover my mouth over the head of his cock and start sucking , within ten seconds he is filling my mouth with that man juice even though it's not a thick as the first two times tonight it still tastes mighty fine.

A wave of pleasure washes over me and almost takes my breath away , this feels every bit as good as Carol has done in the past .

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