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In addition to banning virtual private networks (VPNs), it has also recently instructed mobile telephone operators to stop mobile data including instant messaging services, a mobile operator and an industry source said on Monday.20.45 Lakhdar Brahimi, the former United Nations and Arab League special envoy to Syria, has joined the backlash against Tony Blair's insistence that the 2003 invasion had in no way led to the current crisis in Iraq.Over time, the term "Rabbath" was no longer used and the city became known as "Ammon".The influence of new civilizations that conquered the city gradually changed its name to "Amman".The move is expected to become law quickly under secondary legislation, once it has been debated in both Houses of Parliament - due to be later this week.Home Office sources said the proscription of Isis had been on the cards for some time and was not necessarily linked with recent events in Iraq.

The city is among the most popular locations in the Arab world for multinational corporations to set up their regional offices, alongside Doha and only behind Dubai.Amman city, from right to left and from above to below: Abdali Project dominating Amman's skyline, Temple of Hercules on Amman Citadel, King Abdullah I Mosque and Raghadan Flagpole, Abdoun Bridge, Umayyad Palace, Ottoman Hejaz Railway station and Roman Theatre.The earliest evidence of settlement in the area is a Neolithic site known as 'Ain Ghazal.But there is absolutely no intention and no plan to coordinate military activity between the United States and Iran ...there are no plans to have consultations with Iran about military activities in Iraq.• Iraq war: Obama move US forces to Iraq - latest developments • Northern Iraq town of Tal Afar falls to Isis • US signals Iran cooperation; sends 550 Marines to Gulf • Britain urges Iran to play 'regional role' in Iraq crisis • US condemns Isis 'mass execution' • Some US embassy staff evacuated from Baghdad • What is Isis?

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