Computers and backdating


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I tried changing the date, but it keeps going back to today’s date. ” By default, Windows automatically updates date and time information based on time servers on the Internet.

This means that when you set you computer date to a point in the past, the next time the automatic update check takes place, your computer will be reset to the correct time.

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Computer Associates has agreed to settlements with the SEC and the Justice Department in which the company will pay 5 million in restitution to shareholders and will make reforms to its corporate governance and financial accounting controls.

Woghin has agreed in a partial settlement to a permanent injunction and officer and director bar with monetary sanctions to be decided at a later point. Schonfeld, Director of the SEC's Northeast Regional Office, said, "Like a team that plays on after the final whistle has blown, Computer Associates kept scoring until it had all the points it needed to make every quarter look like a win.

If you want to keep your computer set to a time in the past, you need to disable automatic updates to your computer’s clock.

To do this click on the time currently displaying in the Windows Taskbar, then click on change date and time settings.

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