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Two features had always called my attention: She had a big bubble butt like some of the black women in the porno movies and unusually full, fleshy lips..

Her hair was black and curly, and she had bushy eyebrows over green eyes.

I could not tell her that I had very exciting sex with a woman of my mother’s age who moved out of our house a year ago.As if I had not noticed her, I turned my shoulder and made another contact with a nipple. She sat down, looked at me and said relatively softly, “Sorry, but Lisa may not come until later.But I am glad I had company and some help, I always thought you were just a little useless playboy.” I had the guts to lay my hand on hers and stuttered, “Thank you, Mrs.I missed her so much that I recently visited her at her new home in another village and got continued education by her and one of her hot lady friends. When I came over, we enjoyed the pool, watched TV or did our home work together.Nothing else went on, because there was always her aunt around when her parents were working. Wilder, was a widow, about fifty years old, who always put on a face like a master sergeant, shouting orders at her niece when she was sitting too close to me at the pool or on the couch.She looked up to me and said, “You want to kiss me, little man?

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