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The strategy of doing it with the P2 is to provide a CX or EX owner with a range of options, avoid the need to pay for options a customer does not need, and enable them to change the output set to match a change in DAC.

A group of rocky islands of the southern Pacific Ocean southeast of New Zealand, to which they belong.

The P2 can be purchased 'nude' just as an isolation platform, or with any of the output modules pre-installed.

And the customer can install or replace the output modules by turning the P2 over and turning a few screws.

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So laid back it’s almost horizontal, few places are better suited to brunch than Ben’s Canteen.

Red shakshuka is piquant from an abundance of roasted red peppers; Turkish eggs are lavished with paprika butter; and the Full Israeli — for two to share — is an enlivening platter of hummus, honeyed feta, boiled eggs, avocado, roasted beetroot and more.

Don’t forget a harissa rose mary, a sweet and spicy riff on the classic brunch cocktail.

There’s no good reason not to start the day with barbecue food. Big Easy Canary Wharf’s Big Pig Gig offers limitless grub from a menu that includes North Carolina chopped pork, pit-smoked chicken and St Louis pork ribs.

Beer, wine and prosecco is also bottomless and included in the £29.50 price tag.

So with the Antipodes V4 products, we focused on lifting the bar substantially in server and renderer performance. Remember that any DAC will reclock the signal once or even twice before processing it.

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