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So I went for a subtle political joke, my Myer’s Briggs, and a tidbit about IPAs.I was so cocky at first, immediately swiping on anyone with a witty pun, perfect bone structure, and similar interests.His smooth perky ass looked absolutely perfect, and he presenting it for me to fuck, so I really didn’t care if he was into me or not. I unbuckled my belt, and unzipped my pants and then fumbled around in my bag to find my cockring. His ass was perfectly smooth and muscled enough to make it perky. I wondered if there were other loads in there, but couldn’t taste any. I then stopped at a table in the hallway to put my coat on and get ready to do the next leg of the bike ride to the gym.Then when I was hard enough to fuck I stood up and pushed my dick in (still fully clothed). I almost thought I might be able to cum in that position (doggy), but didn’t want to take any chances so after a bit I had him get on his belly. When I got home there was a message from him saying it was hot and the first time he’d knowingly taken a poz load.


There are a lot of guys who fantasize about being bugchasers – they’ll talk the talk, but then get cold feet.If you’re always sitting on the couch playing video games, that doesn’t sound like a turn on.If you’re texting her your deepest feelings about her, just put that in your saved drafts and leave it in there.He didn’t really smile, so I was thinking maybe he wasn’t into me.I wondered if he was expecting me to be hotter or something.So I left 20 minutes early to give me enough time to fuck him.

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