Ahn sohee dating g dragon old mtv dating shows list

but then too much similarities in terms of clothes, not to mention coming from different companies, is a bit controversial!!in addition, both, GD and Sohee, are very much well known as FASHIONISTA.Tapi siapa sangka, ia juga pinter menyembunyikan hubungan-hubungannya.These lovely unnies and oppas, who were very supportive and ready to start a war for the dearest member of the Wonder Girls, were furious!im not much of an analyst, and i dont think anybody could actually decipher what he meant other than himself..I also read a lot of blogs on how they interpreted his lyrics..honestly, i dont see their points,, (maybe im just an HD .) nevertheless, we can have our own version of analysis, and we can assume that we are unless GD says that that is the correct interpretation.i guess everyone can have their own interpretation!!

2) KVIPs (i presume GD&H) do know who GD’s girlfriend is.. Sohee’s personalized Goyard bag was obviously purchased before that of GD.there must be a reason why GD&H gave GD that almost similar personalized Goyard bag.is a very BIG clue don’t you think??i mean GD and Sohee were rumored to be dating right?now why would GD’s fan give him a big that would surely ignite controversy and spark some question?? maybe because, as the KVIP said, GD doesn’t care anymore! tell me if this offensive or something..) Again, i want to be an unbiased HD fan, so I tried to do some research on other GDpairing.i can say that they also have some evidences (like ours) of same shirt design, same clothes, same shoes,and also lyrics of song..When people first meet with Sohee, they'll think she has cold personality.Though, she is a very friendly and humorous, all of which she say will always make those around him laugh. There are many rumors about him and Sandara Park and CL and Bom of 2ne1 but GD has said that he doesn't date people in the company.

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