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Set-up wizards guide the user through the creation of user names and passwords for the different services available.The look-and-feel of the Trillian interface can be customised by the use of downloadable formats (skins).However, they can block all contacts from seeing that they are online.They can also provide a list of others who have added them to their contact lists, and can require others to obtain permission before doing so.Participants interact through a 3-D interface with features including personalised icons (avatars) representing simultaneous contacts.

The criteria applied in this study were divided into two groups: 1) Basic features useful in DE, including: 1) AOL Messenger (AOL-IM) is the latest version of this popular product, which provides a full set of IM features useful to the DE student and teacher.

This shortcoming obliges users to persuade their contacts to adopt the AOL-IM product also. Jabber is available in a light Web-based version which does not require the program to be installed on users’ computer; and offers a range of personal customisation features and interoperability with other IM applications including MSN Messenger and ICQ.

Jabber lacks some of the formatting features provided by AOL-IM (e.g., emoticons, icon tools for links, images and email support).

Trillian provides access to features available in those other services, and it reduces the amount of hard-disk space required to run multiple IM applications.

Contact lists from the different services are dynamically updated.

Elluminate (v Class) is not cost free, though it is easy to install and use.

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